New Schedule!

We’re finally getting our collective asses together and sticking to a regular schedule for shows going forward. Starting this week, you can hear new episodes of Boldly Going Somewhere every Tuesday and Thursday!

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Episode 9 – In a World…

James is back, joining Louis and special guest Andrew for a thought experiment. Let’s say you were taken away, as you are, and forced to live out your days in a sci-fi/fantasy/geekdom world or universe. Which one would you pick, and why?

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Episode 8 – Crazy Taxi is Crazy

Louis is joined by gaming aficionados Khourey and Dave to discuss an elephant in the room – the video games industry. Join us as we lament over the now common practices of timed DLC, merchant-specific pre-order bonuses, and most importantly, games that are launched in a broken state.

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Episode 7 – Comic Quandaries

Boldly Going Somewhere returns with a bang! And a pow! And maybe a biff. That’s right, we’re talking about comic books. And this is one hell of an issue! Chris Bohler joins self-proclaimed comic book dummy Louis to answer all his burning questions, and ask a few too.

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The State of PC Gaming: June 2015

If you haven’t been following, there’s been a bit of an uproar in the PC gaming community since Batman: Arkham Knight was released this past Tuesday. To be blunt, the game runs like consolidated shit on even the most high end hardware.

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